Felt Roofing, Cladding and Roof Maintenance

At Access Maintenance Solutions, some of the specialist services we provide include felt roofing and cladding as well as a range of roof maintenance services.

We provide these services throughout Yorkshire as well as across the UK so no matter where your commercial property is based, Access Maintenance will offer a solution.

Felt roofing

Our experienced team are experts in replacing, repairing, and installing felt roofing systems on a wide range of commercial and domestic properties, using a variety of materials. Whatever you are looking for, Access Maintenance will provide professional services, ensuring the felt roofing system is durable and low maintenance with a high-quality finish.


Cladding is often used to protect a roofs surface from moisture build up as well as to improve the appearance of a commercial or industrial property. However, overtime cladding systems can become damaged or aged which can lead to several issues, impacting the health and safety of a building, including leakages. Access Maintenance therefore offer a range of cladding services to replace or repair the cladding structure on your property, ensuring it is in excellent condition and is performing as a protective layer.

Our services include:

  • Replacement of defective cladding fixings
  • Replacement of defective sheets in steel aluminium GRP and polycarbonate
  • Re-coating of dull and worn sheeting
  • Repair and re-coating to roof cladding cut edges where corrosion is common place
  • Annual cleaning of cladding

Roof maintenance

Access Maintenance provide a range of roof maintenance services with the aim of preserving the appearance as well as the health and safety of a commercial building’s roof. Roofs are exposed to many elements in the environment and therefore maintenance is essential to maximise a roofs life span. At Access Maintenance, we provide a range of one off services as well as regular roof maintenance programmes for a variety of roofs.

Our roof maintenance services includes:

  • Site Surveys and Photographic Reports
  • Quarterly, bi-annual, or annual visits to your site
  • Leak investigation and report
  • Roof lights repairs and replacement
  • Removal vegetation growth
  • Felt roof repairs
  • Refurbishment of existing felt roofs
  • Refurbishment of existing felt roofs with Belzona products
  • Slate & Tile Repairs
  • Roof cleaning & moss removal
  • Flashing and lead Work repairs
  • Roof Light repairs and replacement
  • Roof Sheet Refurbishment & Encapsulation
  • Refurbishment of northern lights in GRP
  • Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment
  • Gutter clearance
  • Gutters repaired and replaced in cast, aluminium, galvanized steel and plastic.
  • Gutters relined or coated to clients’ requirements
  • Emergency call outs

At Access Maintenance, we pride ourselves not only on providing high quality, reliable and trustworthy roofing services to customers, but also on our outstanding health and safety record, with all staff holding safety passports and CSCS registration cards.

In addition, Access Maintenance is a long-standing member of the Association of Technical Lighting and Access Specialists (ATLAS) and boasts accreditations from CHAS contractor health and safety assessment scheme.

If you would like to find out more about our flat roofing, cladding or roof maintenance services, please do not hesitate to call us on 0113 3231366 or contact us here.



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